Riding Emotions Trans

in cooperation with
University for applied Arts Vienna / Gallery Georg Kargl Permanent

Curatorial Work, Exhibition


Artists: Patrícia Chamrazová, Josepha Edbauer, Elias Jocher, Kristina DESKA Nikolić, Juan Francisco Vera
curated by SHE SAID
Opening May 6, 2022, 6–8 pm
Exhibition May 7–28, 2022

SHE SAID sees the class of transmedia art as an organic entity that, through its mutability, forms diverse spaces of possibility for the students and which, as it were, is constantly changing and reforming itself through them. Through this continuous metamorphosis, liquid connections and relationships emerge, in whose niches and curvatures stable entities seem dissolved. Within this collective gestalt, SHE SAID is particularly interested in a selection of young artist:s who deal with the intrapsychic adjustment loops in view of the challenges of our time and reflect in their artistic works body and person in the mirror with the outside. The exhibition Riding Emotions shows figures of this transformation, in which imaginary counter-designs to restriction and distancing become visible. Imagination serves here as a strategy to design alternative realities in which intimacy and desire are formulated and at the same time become moments of self-empowerment.

Kristina DESKA Nikolić, Josepha Edbauer
Patrícia Chamrazová
Josepha Edbauer

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